Boiling and condensation temperatures

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Boiling and condensation temperatures

The boiling or condensation temperatures can be very different. Mostly, these temperatures are referred to the normal air pressure of 1,013 hPa.

It should be noted here: There are also substances for which no exact boiling temperature can be given, but only a temperature range in which they boil -  . These are so-called amorphous substances. They include wax and glass, for example. 

For many substances, the pressure dependence of the boiling temperature plays a role. The following applies to water and most other substances -  : The higher the pressure, the higher the boiling temperature.  

If, for example, the pressure in a pot is increased, the water does not boil at a temperature of 100 °C, as it does at the normal atmospheric pressure of 101.3 kPa, but at higher temperatures. This is used in pressure cookers and in power stations -  (steam cycle). Conversely, on high mountains the air pressure is lower and consequently the boiling temperature is also lower than 100 °C. The following overview shows how the boiling temperature changes with pressure.

Specific heat of evaporation and heat of vaporisation
Heat is required to boil a substance, which is released again during condensation. The heat required for a substance to boil is characterized by the specific heat of vaporisation.

The specific heat of vaporisation indicates how much heat is required to vaporise 1 kg of a substance.

Formula symbol: qV

Unit: one kilojoule per kilogram (1kJkg)

For 1 kg of water, this specific heat of evaporation is
2 256 kJ/kg. The temperature curve for boiling water.

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