Duotrigordle - Guess 32 words at once

2023.02.07 18:56

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If you enjoy Wordle but are looking for a more difficult challenge, give the duotrigordle a try. You will no longer be required to guess just one word; instead, you will now have 37 opportunities to correctly guess 32 different terms. You are only allowed to type in one word at a time, and there are 32 distinct boards from which to chose. You need to examine the boards one block at a time and make use of the various recommendations offered by the varying colors in order to find the finest words. If you want to impress your friends, play duotrigordle and upload the best videos you've made of it to the internet.

I'd like to learn how to play the card game Duotridordle, if that's possible.

Let's begin by selecting a letter from the alphabet at random and inserting it at the beginning of the term. Because we want to make it as simple as possible for you to utilize the grid, the keyboard has been placed at the very bottom. The letter will simultaneously be a component of four different words all at the same time.

Second, press the "Enter" key after you have typed the first five characters of the password. You are required to continue adding words until the game board is completely covered in them. When you have answered correctly all of the questions that are displayed on the board, the board will be erased and you will proceed to the next question.
Take a look at the color indications to determine how close you are to achieving the desired shade. When you have located all of the letters and placed them in the correct order, the display on your screen will turn green. The use of yellow tiles indicates that the appropriate letters were selected; nevertheless, the tiles were arranged in the incorrect order. The word appears to be missing some letters because some of these tiles do not include all of the letters.
You may view all 32 blocks by scrolling down the page. You will have 37 opportunities to get the question right and get as many points as you can.
5. When you've solved all of the issues, you can post the solutions to the difficulties on the website.

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