Kick The Buddy Online Best Tips And Trick

2023.03.21 13:30

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Follow the best tips to win the  kick the buddy  online easily
F1 grenades should be used.
The F1 Grenades are our next recommendation for the Kick the Buddy best tips list. F1 Grenades earn you more money because they can cause severe damage to your buddy and attempt to blow him up. Every time you use this F1 Grenade, your Buddy will be blasted, and you will earn four dollars.
So try to throw as many F1 Grenades at your buddy as you can because they will all earn you a lot of money once they explode. You don't have to be concerned at first because these F1 Grenades are already unlocked for you at the start of your game. As a result, there is no need to consider saving them for future use. Remember to tap on your screen because it can launch a large number of grenades at the Buddy.

Earn Your Items
All items can be found by visiting the Stuff section. If you prefer a more straightforward approach, you can substitute a mutant rabbit or eggs. Some of the items in this Stuffs section have a free sign displayed, and tapping them will reveal their Gold price. It will also show you the other methods you can use to obtain those items without paying Gold or dollars.
Earning items is possible by inviting friends to this gameplay, watching advertisements, and following the game's Instagram page. There is also a way to invite yourself by putting your own mail three times to unlock those free items. All of these methods will allow you to obtain free items from the game.
Changing Ragdoll's Appearance and Background
Your ragdoll is usually shown wearing a blue t-shirt, and seeing him in the same outfit is not appealing. So you can change him by going into the profile tab, which has a plethora of accessories that you can use to customize your ragdoll's appearance.

Here, players will also have the opportunity to purchase extra gold with real money. However, it is always preferable to play your game by attempting to accumulate your own wealth rather than using real money.

The background from Kick the Buddy is only a cardboard box in the beginning of your gaming, and this can be upgraded into a better environment over time. If you want to add more color to this place, try changing its theme, which you can do by going to Décor.

Examine Your Extra Tab
Don't forget to check your Extra tab all the time, as it will let you know what kind of achievements your game has given you over time. There are occasionally in-game bonuses here, as well as the best buddy artworks to go with them. Make it a habit to always check the Extra tab.

Assume you want to assign some distinct controls and movements to these, all of which involve hitting and kicking. In that case, we recommend that you use the Keyboard Mapping feature of the best Android emulator: LDPlayer, as it can create your personalized keyboard to make Kick the Buddy PC gaming easier. There is no need to be concerned about the default key settings here because you can now create your own keyboard.
That concludes our Kick the Buddy best tips guide, and please keep in mind that this game is all about entertainment. There is no pressure on you here, and the game has no rules to follow. Simply begin the game, stick with it, and use these best tips to relieve stress. That is all you require.

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