Having clean hands shouldn't be a chore. Below is a free poster we've created that clearly displays the 7 steps of hand washing, which you can download and display in your workplace's hand washing areas. All it takes is a friendly handshake to spread respiratory diseases like Covid-19, the disease caused by the new virus.

With your fingers linked through the other hand, use your right palm to rub the back of your left hand. Make sure you apply soap and water to all surfaces of your hands for at least 15 seconds and up to one minute. wash hands happy birthday once in the morning and once at night - that's it. Use a mild soap or cleanser with warm water.

This means that even the droplets collected on a towel from washing your hands are vital and can and should be reused. Washing your hands is the best way to stop germs from spreading. Washing in warm water rather than hot can keep your hands from getting dry. The first thing you want to do - turn on the water to a warm temperature, get a good lather going in your hands.

Plus, many people use hand sanitizer incorrectly from not using a large enough volume of liquid sanitizer to wiping it off before it's had time to dry. Last but not least, dry your hands with either an air drier or a clean towel. Clean hands for a healthy life.

So in the Spring of 1847 Semmelweis required that not only did the medical students need to wash their hands with soap and water, but that they should also scrub under their fingernails with a brush and finally wash their hands again in a chlorine solution.

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