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We are not a collection of separate parts, but a network of tissues that connects all our bones, organs and muscles. Our bodies are complex structures that must work together to keep us healthy, balanced, and strong. The moment one part starts to hurt, our whole body will suffer in one way or another. We lose balance and well-being, especially when the pain becomes chronic. To balance our body, we can try different types of body work. It relieves pain and discomfort and reduces stress. At the SEVA Experience in Dubai, you can try effective work with the body called Rolfing or Structural Integration. As the name suggests, it holds your body together through connective tissue. It stretches, softens and elongates the tissue to improve posture, help you move easily and feel good about your body again.

This unique technique of working with the body is carried out in ten sessions, which involve the release of blocked energy and focus on different parts of the body each time. It can truly transform you by improving your structure and bringing your body back into balance.

Some of the benefits of this bodywork include reduced inflammation and chronic pain and improved movement Corporate Wellness Events Dubai. It can also improve your posture by reducing spinal curvature and improving neurological function.

You will feel comfortable and feel no pain during this body treatment. Rolfing is completely safe and non-invasive, and because it takes a holistic approach, it not only heals your body but also releases your emotional blockages. The practitioner applies gentle but direct pressure on the tissue to release tension and rebalance the body. By definition, Rolfing does not focus on a specific condition you may have, but rather helps your entire body recover and become healthy. It can help relieve pain or stiffness in your back or neck and reduce the pain you feel from some injuries. Anyone can benefit from Rolfing, including athletes and people who sit a lot because of their work.

After this body work, your body will return to the balance of all components and your entire system will function smoothly again. Your legs are in line with your hips, your shoulders are in line with your ribs, and your whole body is placed on your feet. Then all your joints and tissues become one. You will increase your flexibility and learn your body. You will also feel more energized as your body and soul are back in harmony. All this thanks to the soft but very effective bodywork - rolfing.

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