The top 4 best online fishing games

2023.08.01 12:13

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1. Fishing Strike

Fishing Strike puts players in the role of a fisherman whose main income comes from fishing. Start by catching small fish to gain experience and accumulate money to buy a better ship (which helps you go to further places) and a better fishing rod (which helps you catch bigger fish).

The game allows players to go anywhere on earth to fish, each area will have different fish species according to their characteristics in real life. Not only that, the tiny fishing game allows players to use the small fish they can ask for as bait for larger fish (such as swordfish, sharks, etc.).

2. Fishing Planet

Fishing Planet is the most graphically focused game, the context in the game will be a swamp or a certain lake, with clear water, gently undulating ripples, surrounded by natural landscapes. beautiful, captivating. Players can choose to fish anywhere they want around the lake.

Not only that, but with a rich number of fish and being constantly updated with new species, players can also enrich their fishing trophies. More interestingly, you can take a selfie with the fish you caught and show it off to your friends, thereby gaining their admiration.

3. My Fishing World

My Fishing World is a large swamp fishing game. All animals living in the swamp environment in the real world will be in the game to challenge the player (there are even ferocious crocodiles). Besides, each fish species will have a different rate of successful fishing; players can increase this rate by choosing the right bait and fishing rod.

The image in the game is not discussed when the publisher has used a very flexible shading technique. For example, if the fish normally doesn't bite, the clear water will reflect the scenery around the swamp very clearly, but when the fish bites, the ripples will cause the reflection to be blurred and continuously change depending on whether the wave is strong or weak.

4. Euro Fishing

Euro Fishing takes players to the beautiful lakes or swamps in the West, with charming landscapes that allow players to fish while watching the sunrise or sunset. Not only that, the game also helps players practice to improve their ability to cast bait correctly by creating circles on the water and asking them to drop the correct fishing line inside the circle.

Although it is an offline game, Euro Fishing also has an online mode to play with friends: In a certain period of time, whoever catches the most fish or gets the most points will be the winner. This will help players create glue friendships through hours of fun playing with friends.

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