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2023.04.13 11:26

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Connect the Classic Animals is a game that is loved by many people for its classic games play. Connect two shapes together up to three times to make them disappear.

This version of Animal Connect Classic is completely free on your phone. Especially the game screen and interface are completely similar to the Classic Animal Connect version on the computer that you played in 2003.

Classic Animal Connect has a gameplay completely similar to the Pikachu game - a game that is extremely familiar to many people. The game has graphics with cute pokemon, simple gameplay that requires sharp eyes as well as calculations, promising to bring you back to your nostalgic childhood.

The game will have a time limit, players need to match the pictures quickly in the allotted time to win and conquer the next screen. If the player does not complete the level within the allotted time, the player loses and has to start over.


Beautiful interface, vivid sound.

The game has 1000 levels with increasing difficulty.

Each time you level up, you will be given additional help rights.

Support and run smoothly on all versions of the iPhone and iPad.

Version 2.0 with many new updates:

New mode: Daily Challenge

New mode: Fighting competition

Add SHOP feature

Remove ads

The game promises to add more fun with the addition of two new modes, Daily Challenge and Combat Competition. 

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