Ohio is a state located in the Midwest region of the Northeastern United States. "Ohio" means beautiful living and this is also the name of a river adjacent to the border with the US state of Kentucky. This place is also the place to nurture famous US Presidents.


Ohio State has a comprehensive development in terms of economy, society and education culture. The state of Ohio leads the way in economic manufacturing and service industries. With the expected development of the industry. Job opportunities for students coming here to study in the US are huge.


Besides the economy, Ohio has a development in the system of universities. The Ohio state government invests heavily in its education system. This is also an attraction for international students and local students to study in the US.

If you come to Ohio, don't forget to enjoy a cup of raspberry Chocolate ice cream at Graeter's Ice Cream shop. Us map will show you how to get there. This lovely shop in Cincinnati is the most famous for this ice cream. You will enjoy a super much ice cream with a taste that has hundreds of years of history. Popular tourist attractions are also available on our map of the united states.


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