Why is this even happening?

2022.03.12 14:37

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Why is this even happening?

One of the most common reasons why babies are restless in the first months of life is 

The incessant abdominal pain that comes and attacks the baby especially in the evening for an extended period of time.

One of the main reasons why gases are formed in babies is that in the first months after birth, the digestive system of the little ones is not mature enough,
and they are unable to digest the amount of food they consume during the day, in a good and proper way.

A cry created by excessive abdominal pain will usually be a different cry from a cry of hunger or fatigue
. > Increased crying >> Louder crying).

Usually in a gas attack, the baby will twist, move his legs and the lower part of the body in movements that will look like pain and the abdomen will have difficulty while crying.

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