Tips to use Mapquest directions

2023.07.10 18:15

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MapQuest is a popular online mapping and directions tool that can help you plan your routes and navigate to your destination. Here are some tips to effectively use MapQuest Directions:

Enter your starting and ending locations: On the MapQuest website or app, enter your starting address and your destination address in the appropriate fields. You can also enter specific landmarks, businesses, or points of interest instead of addresses.

Customize your route: MapQuest provides multiple route options. After entering your starting and ending locations, you can choose the route that best suits your preferences. MapQuest offers options like the shortest distance, fastest time, avoiding tolls, and more. Consider your priorities, such as avoiding traffic or toll roads, and select the route accordingly.

Use the drag and drop feature: MapQuest allows you to manually adjust your route by using the drag and drop feature. If you want to take a different road or avoid a specific area, you can click and drag the route line to modify it accordingly.

Add multiple stops: If you have multiple stops to make along your route, you can easily add them using the "Add Stop" option. This feature is helpful for planning a multi-destination trip or running errands efficiently.

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