chair lift for stairs nj

2023.04.05 16:53

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Altamira offers a broad range of American made mobility solutions such as Stairlifts, Wheelchair Lifts, Patient lifts, Scooter lifts and Wheelchair Ramps that can accommodate any home or business representing only the finest manufacturers of mobility devices.
Indoor or Outdoor Stairlifts. We are certified to locate the perfect mobility chair lift solution from the best brands available!
Wheelchair lifts and Scooters lifts for indoors or out up to 14 feet! Make your home or office accessible from one floor to another!
Take your mobility device with you with an inside or outside scooter or chair lift for stairs nj power wheelchair lift. The freedom to have mobility wherever you go!
Portable ramps, threshold, and modular ramps will eliminate barriers in your home or office. Indoor, outdoor and transportable mobility solutions available.
Ceiling lifts, floor lifts and slings prevent falls and unnecessary accidents and add comfort and convenience when transferring a loved one.
Altamira is proud to be a certified and authorized dealer of the safest mobility products made including: Bruno, Harmar, EZ Access, Pride, Prairie View, Invacare, Arjo Huntleigh, and Savaria. Contact us at 800-343-1066 to schedule a free consultation with one of our home accessibility professionals. Financing is available for all products.

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