What is Lewdle game

2022.06.14 11:47

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Lewdle (as well as the original Wordle) is a brainteaser that falls between between a crossword puzzle and a sudoku puzzle. The principle of Wordle will be instantly apparent to anyone who has played the game Mastermind, which uses colored pegs.

The goal of Wordle is to guess the hidden word in six tries, using a sequence of suggestions to do so; the goal of Lewdle is the same, but instead of normal words, all of the words are nasty.

If any of your letters are highlighted in green, it implies you've placed the correct letter in the correct location.

Wordle has risen from the depths of obscurity to become the first online sensation of the year 2022. People are attempting to answer the five-letter word puzzle every day, and their social media feeds are littered with little green and yellow squares. It has already produced a slew of spin-offs, ranging from Queerdle, a "massification" of Wordle, to Lettrle, a satire that requires you to guess a single letter from the alphabet.

lewdle is also making waves on social media. According to Whitta, after less than a week in existence Lewdle has 880,000 daily players. While speaking to Insider on January 27, Whitta said 10,000 individuals were playing the game in real time, and a short Twitter search throws up hundreds of results from people enjoying the irreverant aspect of the game.

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