Red and green color blindness

2023.06.29 16:15

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Red and green color blindness

Depending on the extent to which the patient is able to partially perceive colors or not at all. This eye disease does not affect health, but people with color blindness will face many inconveniences in life and work. If you want to know if you are color blind, take the color blind test tool. It good.

What is red and green color blindness in humans?

In the retina of the eye there are two types of rods and cones that perceive light. The cones help detect colors such as red, green, and blue. When these cells are absent, inactive, or detect colors differently than usual, you may have color blindness. Some possible cases are:

Mild green blindness: This is the most common condition, usually seen in 5% of men, rarely seen in women. Then you will see green and yellow look more red, difficult to distinguish blue from purple.

Mild red blindness: Usually affects 1% of men. At this point red, yellow and orange will be greener, deeper colors than usual. At this level, the disease has not had much impact on daily life.

Red blindness: Due to the red cone cells no longer working, this results in seeing red as dark gray. Besides, orange, yellow or green colors will lean more towards yellow shades.

Green blindness: Similar to the red-blind mechanism, the green cones are no longer active. Green can now turn beige, taking on a golden gray hue, while red becomes golden brown. 

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