The website mapquest directions is a website that provides free online maps and directions using Google Maps as its primary tool. You can use this website to search for addresses, places, landmarks, businesses large and small around the world, as well as to plan your trips.


This website allows you to enter your starting point and destination, then choose your means of transportation (car, bus, bike, walk) and click the Get Directions button. The site will show you suggested routes and use real-time traffic information to find the best route for you. You can also see the distance, travel time and estimated cost for each route.


In addition, this site allows you to see a more detailed map of the area you want to go. You can view 2D or 3D maps, satellite maps, Street bing maps, Terrain maps, or Transit maps. You can also zoom, rotate and move the map as you like. You can also share maps and directions with others via email or social media.


The website is a useful and convenient website for those who want to use Google Maps to find directions and maps online. You can use this website to explore the world around you and plan your trips easily and quickly.


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