How to play Retro Bowl game

2023.02.21 12:48

pinkz 조회 수:28

The Retro Bowl is an American-style ball game. Become the owner of an NFL team, grow your roster and get into the press to delight your fans.


Do you have what it takes to lead your fantasy team in the Retro Bowl game to victory? The game is never monotonous or repetitive as there are so many options to customize your team and strategy. Each player's name, jersey and position are editable. Free agents can allow you to easily rebuild or upgrade your team. This adorable squad management game with a classic design will leave you spellbound for its amazing autoplay and control features! Can you succeed in the test and guide your team to victory?




Drag the ball in the opposite direction of the intended throw.

To operate the receiver, press WASD or the arrow keys.


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