One of the key principles in building robust applications is designing for modularity and maintainability. Break your application into manageable modules, each responsible for a specific functionality. This promotes code reusability, improves maintainability, and makes it easier to isolate and fix issues when they arise.

Follow Object-Oriented Design Principles:

Java is an object-oriented programming language, and adhering to object-oriented design principles is essential for building robust applications. Encapsulate data and behavior within classes, use inheritance and polymorphism effectively, and favor composition over inheritance where appropriate. By following these principles, you can achieve code that is more flexible, extensible, and easier to test.

Apply Defensive Programming Techniques:

Defensive programming involves anticipating potential errors and handling them gracefully. Use appropriate exception handling mechanisms, validate input data, and consider defensive coding practices such as defensive copying and fail-fast design. This helps your application recover from unexpected situations, improves fault tolerance, and enhances the overall reliability of your software.

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