Business Name Ideas - Some Simple Guidelines

2022.11.09 14:04

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Thinking of business name ideas isn't the quickest or easiest process but it's among the main tasks you will undertake once you start your company. Good or bad, your company name is the initial impression most folks have of one's organization. If you decide to change your name, it can be quite expensive and time consuming to re-brand your business. Here are 10 ways you find a profitable company name that does the business.

The name is memorable

When brainstorming business name ideas, you wish to choose a name a consumer remembers for all your . A creative industry requires an innovative name such as for instance 'A Snip Above the Rest' for a hairdressing salon or you might want to play on words such as for example 'Bean Me Up Espresso' for a coffee shop. However, for a business like a lawyer or doctor, you may decide to keep the name more professional and more corporate sounding. 

Choose a searchable name

In this internet savvy world, it's ideal to decide on a name that has a domain name available and low competition on Search Engines. If you decide on a different name that is comparable to other businesses, you could find that the business name is buried in the search results even for your company name. The name must also be an easy task to spell and when possible, try and use a keyword. This works well for organizations including the 'Queensland Theater Company' ;.

Choose a name with positive associations

A company name that is unsuitable for your industry or simply plain inappropriate, distasteful or bordering on the offensive such as for example 'Stiff Nipples Air Conditioning' or simply sounds such as for instance a rude word will reflect badly in your business. Many words have both denotation (literal meaning) and connotation (emotional meaning). Choose names which have positive associations and signify trust and authority.

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