Play the checkered game:Connect 4

2023.03.15 18:31

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Play the checkered game:Connect 4

Connect 4 is the famous board game all over the world. With a simple but very smart way to play, connect 4 is suitable for children from 6 years old and up. This board game requires ingenuity, perseverance and calculation of the player. Moreover, when playing with friends and relatives, children will have the opportunity to interact, enhance communication and connection.

Outstanding Features:

The first player to place 4 pieces in a row in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row wins

If the board is filled and there is still no winner, the two players are considered a tie.

The product helps children practice thinking, calculation, ingenuity and perseverance in the process of playing. At the same time, the game also increases interaction with people when playing with friends and relatives because this game requires 2 players. 

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