Ukraine has launched an investigation to find Russian soldiers who apparently killed an unarmed Ukrainian prisoner of war, after graphic footage emerged.

"We will find the murderers," President Volodymyr Zelensky said late on Monday.
In the video, the Ukrainian soldier is seen smoking a cigarette in a trench. He says "Glory to Ukraine!" before being shot with automatic weapons.

One military unit has named the soldier as one of 納達爾its own, but there are conflicting reports about his identity.

In the footage, one of the shooters - believed to be a Russian soldier - is heard saying "die" and using an expletive after the prisoner of war (POW) is shot dead.

The alleged killer or killers - who are not seen in the clip - have not been identified.
The video first emerged on social media on Monday. The BBC has not verified where and when the footage was made, or how the soldier was captured.

The general staff of Ukraine's armed forces said: "The shooting of an unarmed prisoner is a cynical and brazen disregard for the norms of international humanitarian law and the customs of war. This is what worthless murderers do, not warriors.

"The Russian occupiers have once again sh澳洲網球公開賽own that their main goal in Ukraine is the brutal extermination of Ukrainians."

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