So you think you're funny huh? 1. Write Some Jokes. The first comedy book I read, and learned a lot about humour and standup. As time goes on, you will eventually learn how to best tailor your content to the desires of your target audience, as Hedberg and Jeselnik did. It's important that your comedy event is well-paced, the audience is engaged throughout and that the structure of your event ensures that everyone gets a fair slot for their set.

As a matter of fact, you absolutely don't want to be in a hurry at all when standing in front of a comedy audience. I like the think about my set list as a cheeseburger in reverse - meat (strongest jokes) at the top and bottom with the condiments (so so jokes) in the middle.

Esposito brings us to the next point in our standup comedy guide, and that's writing autobiographically. Be sure to cover things like equipment, marketing materials, paying your talent (if working with established comedians) and any digital marketing spend. I was fortunate to start getting booked right away after I finished my classes, and I credit much of that to the edge classes gave me, as well as the connections I made with the more experienced comics who taught me.

This approach is well suited for comedians who are employing old school joke writing techniques, as well as those using the more powerful topic driven stand-up strategies. If you're looking to perform stand-up, you're more than likely interested in comedy, so go see a show.

You should try to avoid direct imitating famous comedians exactly, but you should feel free to borrow certain techniques and delivery styles. Stand-up comedians are notorious for having jokes written down on napkins, envelopes, or backs of receipts. When you're finished with your material, thank the audience no matter how your set went.

Here are my very best picks - the books I return to over and over again, and the books that helped me understand everything I know about jokes and joking. After watching some MBA grads giving presentations, you may start thinking that the breed is naturally inclined for a career in standup comedy.

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