What is a Stochastic trading strategy?

2022.12.18 14:25

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Quite often, novice traders see ready-made trading strategies in indicators. This perception is fundamentally wrong, since the indicator is only part of a strategy or a tool for technical analysis.

It is clear that there are no perfect indicators, and a large number of false signals leads traders to collapse. On the other hand, if you install 2 indicators with different settings at the same time, the results will be better.

The main goal of a trading strategy is not only to detect the correct entry point, but also to filter deliberately nadex 5 minute binaries strategy . Sometimes it's quite difficult to do this. In binary options, filtering signals with low quality is very important, as well as in the forex market. The effectiveness of the strategy is determined by the following factors: 

Filtering of low-quality signals.
Detection of ideal entry points.
Confirmation of signals.

It is not known for certain who exactly is the author of the Stochastic strategy in binary options. Perhaps it did not exist at all, since the essence of the system is embedded in the indicators themselves.

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