How The Experts Do Air Duct Cleaning: The Process

2022.12.20 13:34

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Air duct cleaning is done by a professional service provider. Nearly all these service providers pair air ducts cleaning with filter and carpet cleaning, while other providers focus solely on air duct cleaning. Before hiring an air duct cleaning locally, learn the process and make sure the cleaning service hired performs similar tasks.

The greatest goal of an air duct cleaning is to get rid of all dirt, debris, dander and even  furnace replacement tulsa. Therefore, the provider will have to make use of a reverse vacuum that pulls most of the debris from the ducts without blowing it through the remaining portion of the house. When employing a quality air duct cleaning, customers will notice that their home's returns are covered and sealed before the vacuum being used. This prevents dust and debris from escaping back to the air through the cleaning process.

After the vacuum is used, professionals will follow up with a hand cleaning of every vent and return. Sanitizing agents are employed and then followed up with a diffuser in each register to ensure the vents are clean and mold free.

Cleaning services will utilize interior scrubbing inside the returns and vents. This technique works on the large volume of compressed air accompanied by scrubbing tools that go down each return to eliminate dust and debris stuck to the sides of the vents. This may also remove any mold or mildew growing on the inner sides of the returns.

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