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2023.04.22 01:45

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Journalism volunteer opportunities in Himachal Pradesh

Shimla: Hills Post is a well known news portal in Himachal News Pradesh. HillsPost offer journalist volunteer opportunities for young journalists
in Himachal Pradesh. These journalism projects in Himachal are based in the beautiful Hilly part of north India. Himachal Pradesh is an absolutely immense state that covers wide Himalayan mountain range, a broad range of cultures, religion and climate. Hindi is one of the main languages ​​in most of the parts of Himachal Pradesh. As a result most of the news is produced in Hindi. The Hindi language News in Himachal has reputation for quality. HillsPost in hindi himachal news is one of the best respected news portals in Himachal Pradesh

HillsPost offer journalism students an offer topublish their news articles online. In this process we teach the art of journalism, online research methodology, citing sources and most importantly planning how the research will convert into a published article.

These journalismprojects in Himachal Pradesh are conducted under the supervision of senior journalists at HillsPost. If you decide to join HillsPost will ask you to submit a CV detailing any experience that you have of your work. HillsPost Staff start by teaching volunteer some of the basics. This may include how to write and publish articles. Once basic training completed you may be allocated assignment at various news research projects. The program is not limited to online journalism. Volunteer opportunities may also exist in local TV and radio
stations in Himachal News

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