Welcome mats can provide apartment buildings and leasing companies with cost-effective advertising for their property or leasing service, catching people's eyes as they walk into an apartment building or leasing service. Using customized logo welcome mats catches their attention immediately upon entering and allows visitors to see the name or leasing company logo displayed as soon as they walk through the door - giving the owner or management company more exposure for less.

Churches across the globe utilize custom logo mats from ultimate mats to enhance their entrances, inviting visitors into a positive and lasting impression of the congregation. Some churches feature their church logo while others quote scripture or short phrases which encourage fellowship or articulate its basic mission statement.

Custom Logo Floor Mats for College and High School Sports Teams Athletic custom logo rugs are constructed of heavy-duty carpet with composite rubber backing to grip and stay in place while simultaneously promoting your team brand and encouraging players to perform at their best. In addition, they also serve as anti-fatigue mats for staff who stand for long periods. Select from our wide variety of styles and colors to find a solution perfect for your campus or facility.

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