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2020.03.24 12:16

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Laundry is something we can't escape from. All of this suggested that the hands of the medical students, who may have just been called from surgery or an autopsy, did not wash their hands before they delivered a baby. This is where handwashing comes in. Making sure that employees wash their hands properly after using the washroom is very important in reducing disease transmission gastrointestinal infections.

If I washed my hands before and after touching my face and after touching animals I would never have a chance to leave my bathroom. Dry your hands with a paper towel or clean towel or use an air dryer. With this in mind, it's a good idea to wash your hands more frequently than usual.

Cover all surfaces of your hands, and keep rubbing until they're dry (don't wipe it off!). The average office worker's hands come into contact with 10 million bacteria per day. You should always wash your hands before preparing food and after using the restroom, but cutting down on washing your hands outside of these occurrences can help make sure your hands don't become irritated.

It's possible that you could need to wash your hands for longer if you're in a profession that encounters high-risk disease-causing germs, but it's more likely that 20 seconds should do the #washyourhands trick if you're not a doctor, surgeon, or medical professional.

Researchers at the University of Southampton randomly divided more than 20,000 people from GP lists into two groups, one of which was invited to visit a website designed to encourage people to wash their hands, while the other group didn't get access.

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