How To Polish Concrete (With Pictures)

2020.03.17 19:18

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Concrete polishing is a new trend that has been discovered and widely used among home and business owners all across the country. The popularity of concrete floors are increasing rapidly, spreading its charm on decorated facilities, warehouses, retail outlets and other constructions across the nation. Concrete floors can last a life time. Able to enhance a concrete floors natural colours, patterns, and composition of concrete floors we can strip back the top layers of concrete flooring to unearth the hidden beauty beneath.

Do not let any cleaners dry on your polished concretes surface. Any spills should be cleaned from the floor as quickly as possible to avoid the liquid being absorbed by the concrete. Since 1968 we have been providing solutions from completely installed floor systems to supporting in-house maintenance staffs with our flooring products.

Polished concrete flooring is a perfect example of this synergy of beauty, sustainability and economy, giving you a durable, low-maintenance floor that will last the life of your home. At Craftsman Concrete Floors, we specialize in polishing floors for modern finishes, including large aggregate exposure.

The chemical reaction that turns your concrete from a liquid to a solid is called the hydration process and if it is sped up the water that is necessary for the reaction to properly take place will evaporate too quickly. Not only are polished surface require occasional damp mopping but they can resist ugly marks.

Decorative elements can be added by coloring or staining the concrete, saw cutting patterns or through overlayments specifically designed for polishing. A ground concrete companies surface has a flat appearance with no or very slight reflection and may at times have a low sheen.

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