For over 130 years, the Cronton Watch Company has been producing some of the finest timepieces in the world. I'm so thrilled with CoJ for naming black owned businesses to support now, before and hopefully moving forward. Shopping at POC-owned businesses is always a win-win, but another way to make a difference is to donate. Caroline Sande, founder of apparel brand and travelling community TravelEatSlay , has created a directory of over 250 Black brands, content creators, bloggers and international service providers.

According to the census, Hispanics own 6.8 percent of all businesses and blacks own 5.2 percent. NuVegan Cafe: Aiming to build a cultural community across the city with vegan food, this family-owned business operates four locations in the D.C.-Maryland-Virginia area as well as a seasonal food truck.

Zeynep Tufekci, a professor at the University of North Carolina who studies social movements, said that while the initial spike in sales many Black-owned businesses are seeing right now will inevitably fall somewhat, she expects it won't disappear completely.

Internet pay giant, Paypal , has now stepped forward condemning the systemic oppression and unveiled its plan to support black businesses and help them thrive. I am honored to highlight the significant role that African Americans have made in shaping our economy through entrepreneurship and community investment.

A big portion of these successful small businesses are from women starting home-based ventures, but they range from everything from day care centers to hair salons. Atlanta Life Insurance Company: Guardian of Black Economic Dignity 1990). In addition, try to talk to people who have worked with the companies you are contacting to get an idea of how they conduct business, their positive and negative points, and their management structure and decision-making process.

For he was in a time when black people had to prove themselves. ADQM Solutions helps businesses solve problems and engage the community. Google Docs containing resources and lists of black-owned businesses have also been popular and highly shared across social media platforms.

Khadijah Robinson (right), founder of The Nile List, an online directory of black-owned businesses, with Genelle Drayton, owner of Sweet Dames Artisan Confections. And with the swell of support has come a surge of popularity in black-owned business directory apps and new ways to support small black-owned businesses during this time.

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