When it comes to the home-based DIY mechanic, one of the most important kits you should have in your armory is a hydraulic jack. Whether you need to lift a heavy truck, a trailer or a small vehicle, you have seen that there is a jack for it. In addition, since our needs are different, this last choice is your decision alone, because you are the only one who knows exactly what you need.

It's not practical for you to run to a car mechanic every time your vehicle needs a repair. Steel floor jacks are going to be the cheaper option when compared to aluminum floor jacks so if you are looking to get the most bang for your buck you would probably want to go with a steel floor jack.

If you place the jack on the wrong place, it can cause serious damage to your vehicle's body or undercarriage. A word on bottle jacks: Bottle jacks (sometimes called piston jacks) are small and lightweight, but they aren't nearly as stable as trolley jacks.

You're about to see some of the cheapest floor jacks known to man, as well as some of the most expensive. The Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low-Profile Steel Floor Jack is a floor jack that does all the most important things well. All floor jacks are rated to a certain maximum weight capacity.

Each time you pump the hydraulic piston, the bottle lifter is lifted. Floor jacks consist of either aluminum or steel. Floor jacks should have a quality construction for the most demanding of automotive jobs. Go back and forth over the carpet just like you were mopping the kitchen floor, except you may want to go over it extra times to work the dirt up out of the carpet.

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