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The oldest religion on this planet is Hinduism. Rather than seeing Brahman as pervading the universe, they speak of Brahman as wholly transcendent, describable in human terms only by saying what Brahman is not: It is not coarse, not fine, not short, not long, odorless, tasteless, without eye, without ear, without voice, without name, unaging, undying, without measure, without inside and without outside." This way of speaking stretches the mind beyond the available categories of the world to glimpse that which cannot be contained by human categories.

Hindus believe in one true power of the universe that they call Brahman. Therefore, the only god that protects the yajna and with which the brahman has to identify himself with is the deity of the mind - Moon or Chandra. The role of Gods in Hinduism as facets of everyday life has grown to such extent that Gods seem almost to be considered companions and friends.

By no means all are fit for the Knowledge of Brahman. Thou art the Whole, and I am a part." He does not like to say, "I am Brahman." They yogi seeks to realize the Paramatman , the Supreme Soul. The teachers of the Upanishads point the way to a profound Self realization: Atman, the inmost soul or breath of life, is also Brahman, the ultimate reality that pervades the entire universe.

As far as present ideas are concerned, we can consider those spiritual realities emerging from the mind such as ideas, thoughts and information. In the Rig Veda, Brahman gives rise to the primordial being Hiranyagarbha that is equated with the creator God Brahmā.

Brahman or brahma, and similar words, have various meanings, mostly related to Hinduism In the correct Indian pronunciation, the first a is long or short as indicated, and the h is pronounced as a voiced consonant. Brahma is, like the other gods, Ishwar, or manifested Brahman, fundamentally ego-conscious, whereas Brahman is without ego, without existence and beyond.

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