A floor jack is a hydraulically operated tool to lift a heavy car or truck with relative ease. It is not the most heavy-duty or durable model on the market since it is made from aluminum, but it is definitely more than enough for people simply looking to lift their vehicle and replace a tire. A floor jack uses a hydraulic piston, meaning a piston operated by pressure created by a compressed fluid.

This floor jacks for suv jack is built with heavy-duty steel, to ensure long term durability. National and international standards have been developed to standardize the safety and performance requirements for jacks and other lifting devices. There are low-cost jacks that aren't even able to roll under a lowered vehicle.

This saves you tremendous effort and time to get the hydraulic floor jack to the maximum height. The 2 ton Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stand has the capacity of lifting the weight up to 4000 lbs. The average floor jack can fit where there's access height of at least 5 inches.

The Pittsburgh jack's one-and-a-half-ton lifting capacity effectively limits it from lifting larger cars and SUVs. Always use jack stands which are rated to hold more than the weight of your vehicle. You must be diligent about making sure the maximum capacity on the jack you want to purchase exceeds the amount of weight you intend to lift with it. Typically this rating is provided in tons, with 2 ton jacks and 3 ton jacks being the most common.

For buses and other large vehicles, choose a hydraulic jack with a capacity between 6 and 15 tons depending on the weight of the vehicle. Jacks are available in different models and designs, but car jacks are the safest and most stable. Has a carrying capacity of 2 tons.

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