We all know that finding a business accountant for your start-up company plays a crucial role as it will determine the end-result of your business. Now that you know the key skills for accountants, you're most likely wondering how you can develop them yourself. At the time I was leading a process improvement team in our regional business unit. Broadly, this role combines accounting, finance and management with the techniques needed to drive successful businesses.

Professional organizations are another great place to find qualified accounting professionals. This includes most accounting programs commonly used by businesses, such as QuickBooks, as well as technology and software tools that forensic accountants use to uncover fraud.

We've compiled a list of reasons to convince you - as well as six qualities to identify in a great accountant - so you can keep the focus on nurturing and growing your business. An accountant with the right expertise will help you meet tax obligations and provide peace of mind at every stage of your business growth.

Hand in hand with an accountant that understands your business sector is their ability to stay current with industry changes. They advise clients or management at their firm regarding strategies to limit future tax burdens. As an new-accountant employer, ensure that your business' accountant has these important qualities.

As the go-to financial experts in their organizations, accountants must be able to research financial-related subjects, synthesize the information gathered, critically evaluate it, and communicate it to a non-accounting audience in a professional, cohesive, and logical way, clearly separating fact from opinion.

Apart from the above-mentioned qualities, business organizations can also look for other attributes like computer literacy and good communication skills in a bookkeeper. CPAs who work in private accounting also need well-developed communication skills as they would probably have to make presentations and reports for the company's senior management.

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