If you have frequent panic attacks do not despair. With symptoms like a racing heart, a dry mouth and a red face, nausea, dizziness, headaches, a feeling of warmth going through my body, and some aches and pains everywhere in my body The doctors couldn't find anything and all my therapist did was prescribe more pills that gave me side-effects.

And sometimes this does work, this going back and comforting the younger you, in your imagination, at the time of the initial panic attack. Some people find it helpful to find a single object to focus all of their attention on during a panic attack. I had to follow certain steps to overcome my panic attacks, my anxiety attacks.

This process can be triggered any time we perceive ourselves to be in harm's way — and it can happen within the context of any anxiety or stress disorder. Also, if you have been having panic attacks for a while, it may take some time for these techniques To stop panic attacks to work.

Practise EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), which is another effective way to get relief from the symptoms of panic attacks. These forms of physical exercise has been shown to help calm your mind. Learning to slow your breathing can be a useful way to control symptoms of panic and may be helpful in combination with cognitive and behavioural therapy techniques.

Accepting the symptoms, not resisting, is a powerful step to overcoming panic attacks. In fact, many people are panic free within just 5 to 8 treatment sessions. A collection of helpful resources to find a qualified mental health professional and learn more about anxiety and panic attacks.

He further elaborated that panic is the sudden attack of fear in the body that emerges like huge waves and is followed by trembling of hands, excessive sweating, dilation of pupils, palpitations of heart, people may find themselves frozen at times and may even mimic a cardiac attack.

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