Count words in Word on the computer

2022.05.19 10:39

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Count words in Word through the status bar:

This is considered the simplest way to help you know the number of words you have entered in the text.

Step 1: You proceed to launch Microsoft Word. Open the text file that you need to know the number of words in it.

Step 2: Look down at the status bar below the editing software. At this point, the number displayed in the status bar is the total number of words in that text.

Count the number of specific words and characters in Word:

In addition to knowing the total number of words in Word, you have more specific needs. For example, about the number of characters, lines, and paragraphs in the text file. Please follow the steps below to get the most information about those requirements.

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Word and open the required text file. Then, click on the Words option on the status bar.

Step 2: Next, you will see the word counter dialog box appear on the screen. In this dialog box, all information will be displayed. Including information about word count, character count, line number, and paragraph number will be fully displayed to you.

When performing word count operations in Word with the Word Count dialog box. You will know 2 information about the number of characters with spaces and the number of characters without spaces.

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