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2022.08.19 13:55

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What Is Dordle and How to Play Dordle?

Dordle is an online word game developed by Guilherme Tows. Similar to Wordle, dordle involves two 5-letter words that will be solved together in 7 (total) guesses based on shared feedback.

The predictable Dordle is a daily challenge where all players receive the same mystery two-word challenge once a day.

How to Play Dordle?

 It is like Wordle, except for the caveat that players are simultaneously guessing for both words. There are seven guesses available for both words together. Yellow squares mean that the letter is within the word but in a different spot. Green tiles mean that the letter is in the correct location.

If Wordle is a calming, soothing experience and you want to exercise your brain a little more, then Dordle has some fun moments for you. Or moments of anxiety. Or both.

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