How to play Nerdle game

2022.10.07 13:12

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Nerdle is an everyday math game that only slightly from Wordle by replacing letters and words with numbers and equations. The game was designed by Reddit user, TheMann0707. The game was made with Wordle in mind, and its creators have called it "Wordle for math geeks."The game presents you with 8 columns of 6 guesses where you have to guess equations daily. Just like in Wordle, you get color-coded hints for your predictions that you can use to come up with the right answer.

How To Play Nerdle game

Guess NERDLE in 6 tries. After each guess, the color of the cells will change to show how close you are to your solution. Similar to Wordle, when you guess, the cells will change color to show you are right, wrong or in the wrong place. 

Green brick means correct quantity and in the right position. 

Yellow means it's in solution but out of place.

If a cell turns black, it means that the cell is not in the words.

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