English Bulldog puppies are for sale in California and shipping nationwide. Our puppies are born into a family that is a typical example of a lovely American family. This means we give these puppies a foundation of affection, basic and necessary training, shots, registration, and many more. Breeding English bulldogs have been a part-time family business for over 15 years and because of this long-term experience, we can guarantee all our clients of the quality of our puppies. In fact, what we tell our clients is; you're buying a barking piece of happiness. If you're located anywhere in Los Angeles, please feel free to contact us and we'll arrange a meeting. If you're in California or anywhere around the US, we're able to ship to you too. The process is easy and straight forward.

As mentioned above, we're a family of English bulldog breeders located in Los Angeles, California and we all have regular jobs so sometimes, we may not be able to take calls but will definitely reply a text or an email when we get the chance . Anyone who leaves a voicemail with a number, we'll call you right back. If you're interested in buying any of our available English bulldog puppies, then visit the page for available puppies here.

If you're not ready but interested in our upcoming litter, then please contact us on how to make a deposit and secure your pup. We'll hold him or her for up to a month after the pups are ready.
Meet Jack, a very majestic English bulldog puppy. He plays “like a puppy” and is very fun to be with. He loves to take his naps too and loves going outside and enjoying the view. He loves to be around the family and is wonderful with kids. He can entertain a child really well no matter his age his. He hates to see our little daughter crying so he gyrates around her until she not only stops but she starts laughing. This is a perfect companion and will make a great family member. 

Visit our website:

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