The best Turkish holiday resort cities in 2022

2022.11.01 19:00

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Turkish resorts are distinguished by the maximum comfortable conditions for recreation. This is reflected in the high level of service, inexpensive prices, magnificent natural landscape, and fascinating sightseeing tours.  The tourism industry is based on the principle of “All-inclusive”, which is a significant plus.

Turkish resort towns are located on the Marmara, Mediterranean, Aegean, and Black Sea coasts.  Entertainment complexes, various places of interest, fashionable hotels, and well-maintained beaches are objects that are admired by all vacationers.

The Turkish resort towns

All the   resort towns of Turkey   are distinguished by their unique beauty.  Moreover, it does not depend on their location concerning the sea.


It is one of the most attractive   Asian and European cities  .  It houses production and retail facilities.  It is washed by the Marmara Sea, the Black Sea, and the Bosphorus Strait.

There are unusual architectural buildings inside the city.  They are a landmark of Istanbul and its historical heritage.  Due to them, a unique inimitable atmosphere is created.  The Blue Mosque surrounded by six minarets is considered the symbol of the city.  Its height is 64 meters.

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