From Israel’s founding in 1948, the country was attacked by Arab군포출장마사지 states multiple times. In 1967’s Six-Day War, Israel’s superior air force wiped out much larger armies from three Arab countries. After that victory, it controlled the Golan 의왕출장마사지Heights, captured from Syria, and the Sinai Peninsula, captured from Egypt, among other territory. Israel’s sweeping success in 1967 made its leaders and its populace feel invincible,하남출장마사지 and they were caught almost completely by surprise when Egypt and Syria staged a joint attack in October 1973 on the Jewish holy양주출장마사지 day of Yom Kippur. They made significant advances, threatening all of Israel, until Israel ultimately turned the tide to retain the land it had acquired in 1967. The movie is based on these historical facts. But which facts get emphasized in a 여주출장마사지100-minute movie matter a good deal. “Golda” presents itself as a straightforward telling of the Yom Kippur War, incorporating clips of archival footage to cement its authenticity, and Nattiv is careful to choose details that emphasize Israeli perspectives and virtue.

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