The Advantages of Online Schooling

2023.03.12 12:15

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Online schools allow young people an access to a curriculum from wherever they are in the world. As many as 5.5 million British people live overseas nowadays. A large number of young British expats attend international schools which gives them access to a British education.

The global mean cost of sending your child to an international school is around £12,000 per year, which can turn into a very expensive process. Online schooling allows students access to a British curriculum at a fraction of this cost.

They can follow the same programme of study, at their own pace, whilst still enrolling to sit exams, should they wish to do so. There are examination centres in 120 countries around the world that students can enrol in prior to their examination date.

Many young people may be travelling either within the U.K. with family. They therefore require access to a full, curriculum led education, taught by qualified teachers.

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