How to play Pizza Tower

2023.09.08 16:16

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Pizza Tower is a fast-paced 2D platformer video game inspired by Nintendo's Wario Land series of games. You will play as Peppino Spaghetti, a pizza chef, who must climb a tower to prevent the destruction of his pizzeria. You will have to run, jump, defeat enemies and collect items in colorful and creative levels. You will also face different challenges and secrets during the gameplay.


How to play pizza tower as follows:


• You can play Pizza Tower in your browser at pizza tower game page


• You can use the keyboard or the controller to control Peppino. The default keys are: A and D to move left and right, W to jump, S to sit down or slide, J to attack, K to throw pizza and L to dash.


• You can attack enemies by punching or throwing pizza at them. You can also use dash to pierce enemies and obstacles when you have enough speed.


• You can collect items like coins, pizza, cheese and stars to increase your score. You can also find secret items like cookies, donuts, and ice cream cakes to unlock special features.


• You can play different modes like Story Mode, Time Attack Mode and Endless Mode. You can also choose the difficulty of the game from Easy to Insane.


• You can customize Peppino by purchasing different outfits and accessories from the store. You can also choose the type of pizza you want to throw in the game.


Pizza Tower is a fun and engaging game for those who love 2D platforms. You can play this game for fun, exploration or competition with friends.

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